BCAEM Membership provides affordable access to  valuable networking, discussions  and online resources.

BCAEM Members:

  • Are part of a network of BC Emergency Management professionals representing all levels of government, First Nations, academia, students, and the private sector
  • Have opportunities to contributing to advocacy efforts to influence the profession and practice of EM in BC
  • Contribute to and have access to shared EM resources, member forums, and professional development opportunities
  • Receive a group discount rate conference fee for the BC Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference
  • Have the option to become a CRHNet Affiliate Member at a discounted rate
  • May register for the BCAEM deployment database to access opportunities to assist in emergency responses across BC
  • Have access to the member’s side of the BCAEM website, including: templates, publications, presentations, educational information, employment opportunities, and access to the deployment database; and
  • Can contribute to emergency management community through publication of written articles on the Association website.

Join an extensive network of professional emergency managers and enhance your knowledge, stay current with emerging trends, and contribute to the evolving field of emergency management.

Email for general inquiries.

BCAEM Membership is annual (January 1 – December 31 of each year). Renewal reminders are sent out to current members via email in December and January. Due to low response, a reminder was sent out to previous members in June asking for feedback. Thank you to all those that responded. The Board will review responses and adjust our reminder strategies going forward.

Membership Options:

  • Individual Membership $50
  • Service Directory Membership $75 (allows you to promote your business (consulting, instructing and/or supplier) to other members via inclusion in the Service Directory)
  • Emergency Service Volunteers (Fire, ESS, Radio, Recovery, etc.) $25