Our hearts go out to all of the communities impacted by the 2017 Wildfires. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please reach out! These long engagements are taxing on all responders including those in the various Emergency Operations Centres. We stand by you, cheer you on and many are willing to come nd assist.

If you need assistance in your EOC and/or ESS facilities please contact other emergency managers in unaffected areas that you already have a working relationship with and vice-versa.  Offer your support to other communities if you are able to do so.

The province has recently update its resource request policy to make deployment between local authorities as simple as possible.  Take a look at updated EMBC Resource Request Policy 5.11 and request assistance through your PREOC if required.

Utilize our Deployment Database on the member’s side of the BCAEM webpage.  This database is designed to allow our members to state their availability to assist in the event of an emergency and for other members to search for individuals should their community or organization require assistance.

Given the severity of wildfire events across the Province we have extended temporary access to the database to the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC).

Please login to BCAEM website and update your information that that colleagues who are searching for support have the most current information.

BCAEM has created a new subsection in the Tools & Resources section of the website titled Evacuation to provide evacuation resources to its members.  If you have evacuation related resources that you would like to share with our members please use the Share a Resource function on the website or email our Executive Director, Crissy Bennett.

The BCAEM website provides government website and social media links as one more place to find real information. We encourage everyone to check official local authority and provincial government information sources for current updates. All evacuees are encouraged to register with their local ESS as well as with the Red Cross to assist both family reunification and contact for important updates on your community and potential access to assistance.

Thank you for your continued support of BCAEM and all emergency management professionals across the province.

With kind regards,
Sybille Sanderson, Chairperson