We just want to make sure you are aware of a couple of things before completing your membership. Please read through the following.


Communication with members that is required by regulation (e.g. notification of the AGM) will be done via our membership management system to the e-mail address we have on file. As a member, it is your responsiblity to keep this e-mail address up to date.

Other communication will take place via the BCAEM Discussion Group. Although being a member of this discussion group is option, we strongly suggest all members remain on the group and read the postings. There are options to help you manage the emails on this group, such as receiving a single e-mail per day with all the group postings. Create an account with Google Groups to adjust your settings.


Membership fees are per calendar year. New members who register part-way through the year will still be charged the full year’s fee. The only exception to this is for new members registering in the final 30 days of the calendar year who will have their fee applied to the following year and receive the remaining time in the current year free.

The BCAEM Board reserves the right to adjust fees annually by amending its related policies.


BCAEM uses PayPal to process credit card payments. This is the most cost effective solution given the number and frequency of payments we receive. It also allows automatic confirmation of payments between PayPal and our membership management system (e.g. seamless renewals for members and lower impact on Board members). However, this does mean you will need to create a PayPal account as part of your first payment using this system if you do not already have one. We hope this does not cause undue inconvenience.