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    CEM Certification – FEMA Course List


    Hi EM friends! After long procrastination, I have decided this year is the year to chase down my CEM. Work/life precludes me tackling a Master’s degree or any expensive certifications at the moment, and I am resistant to giving the JI a bunch of money to take courses; versions of which I deliver myself in an unbranded sort of way. Has anyone tackled the education requirements for the CEM using predominantly the FEMA online courses, and if so, would you be able to share the list you used to get to your 100 hrs contact in EM and General Management respectively? I have a 4 yr EM Bachelor’s, but of course cannot double count the EM content for certification. Any help or guidance most appreciated!


    Bob Black

    Yes, you can use the FEMA courses (EMI I think) to fulfill the CEM requirement. I don’t have the list of which specific courses I used but I would suggest you avoid those courses that are very “American” focused and put your efforts into those that are more general in nature. As I recall 70% of the questions on the exam will come right from the questions on the FEMA courses, the remainder will be Canadian-based. There is a good chart on the CEM page that breaks down which courses you can count for the EM and General categories. I would also direct you to the “CEM Corner” as there is a wealth of guidance there. If you have any more questions on the CEM procedure, please email me directly at I am a “featured mentor” for the CEM process. Bob

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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