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    Deb Borsos

    Does anyone work with emergency response groups (SAR, ESS, etc) who invite senior high school students to do some of the community hours needed for graduation in BC, to do them with your local response team? …and would anyone be interested in discussing the design (perhaps) of a list of options or particular tasks that the students could do to assist ESS, SAR, (etc) teams, as well as obtain their needed hours?

    For some responder groups there are limitations as to what types of things youth can/can’t take part in due to age limitations, but that does not exclude students completely from still taking part in particular tasks which can be of great help in a response. BCAEM is doing some research on this to see how it might be a way to help bolster the volunteer base within response/recovery- and help the students gain some or all of their required hours as well as gaining potential skills and training they could add to their accomplishments for future employment.

    If you know of any groups who do invite high school students to take part in exchange for gaining their community hours, and what they are asked to do/take part in, please reply to this post. Thanks very much.

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