Holiday Greetings from BCAEM

2017 proved to be a busy and trying time for many communities and emergency management professionals across the province.  If you get the opportunity, please consider sharing your expertise and lending a hand as so many parts of the province and world need help recovering and rebuilding with the many disasters that occurred over the year.

BCAEM celebrated a significant milestone in 2017 – our 10th Anniversary.  To celebrate, the Association held an anniversary reception at its Annual General Meeting on November 1st.  Highlights of this meeting include the addition of three new faces to the Board of Directors – Tammy Grant, Anthony Moore and Jon Wilson and a draw for 10 free memberships for 2018.  Membership renewals were given to John Travis Abbey, Chris Marsh, Debbie Pighin, John Rempel, and Kevin Screpnek.  We have welcomed five new members as a result of this draw – Scott Coleman, Fiona Derkel, Breagh Huber, Scott Raesler and Paul Ursich.

Much discussion ensued at the AGM and reception regarding several emergency management topics, including the Deployment Database and the 2017 projected financial statement that was included in the Annual Report.  The Board of Directors has begun taking steps to create useful filters for the deployment database and a new projected financial statement for 2017 (wherein the assets and liabilities match on the balance sheet) has been posted on the website.  To view the revised 2016 Annual Report click here.

As 2017 comes to a close, the Board is still busy on a number of new initiatives for 2017, including a moderated discussion forum series.  An email has been sent to members seeking individuals to participate as moderators on a number of topics.  For more information please contact Pete Smillie.  A hiring Committee has been struck to retain an Executive Director as Crissy Bennett will be resigning the post as of December 31.  Details regarding the appointment of a new ED will be sent to members in the new year.

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for new initiatives that BCAEM can implement in support of its members please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors.  Biographies of the Board and their contact information can be found by visiting 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wish everyone the best of this Holiday Season. May 2018 be much kinder and a great opportunity for building emergency management capacity.

Yours in Support of Emergency Management,
BCAEM Board of Directors