Topic: Simplifying Applied Emergency Management
Moderator: Mike Andrews, Deputy Director, North Shore Emergency Management
Dates:  June 22 to June 29 , 2018
Where: BCAEM Member Forums (please use the subscribe buttons in the forums)

The BCAEM is very pleased to introduce Mike Andrews who will  be moderating the next HOTWASH discussion. Mike is a long time EM practitioner in BC working for EMBC, NSEM, as well as the JIBC, and brings a diverse, pragmatic, and realistic perspective. Mike will be moderating a discussion around the challenges of utilizing non or part-time EM staff during responses, and how EOC processes and tools can be simplified to support their success. These personnel provide critical capacity and are highly capable, but their effectiveness may be hindered if EOC processes are not intuitive. Following a year with many local EOCs being activated for extended periods with limited capacity, Mike will share some stories and ideas about simplifying processes to accommodate a wide range of personnel and to improve overall effectiveness, and he invites you to share yours for discussion as well.