BCAEM is pleased to continue offering Organizational Memberships for 2019.  Organizational Memberships are intended to offer a significant cost saving to organizations and communities who wish to include a number of emergency management practitioners in the Association.

Organizations must identify a designate who is the only organizational member eligible to:
– vote at Annual General Meetings;
– hold a position on the Board of Directors; and,
– receive discounted rates on conferences and conventions.

Other members of this organization must be identified individually and will:
– receive full access to the website including the members only section and the discussion forum; and
– are eligible to hold a position on a Board appointed Committee.

2017 Fees for Organizational Memberships are as follows:
1-5 members:  $150/calendar year
5-10 members:  $300/calendar year
11-15 members:  $450/calendar year
16-20 members:  $600/calendar year

Organizations interested in applying for an organizational membership are requested to contact Sybille Sanderson, Executive Director to arrange for registration and invoicing.