Topic: Insurance and Flood Risk Management
Moderator: Aaron Sutherland, Pacific Vice President, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Dates:  April 26 to May 2, 2018
Where: BCAEM Member Forums (please subscribe)

The BCAEM is very pleased to introduce Aaron Sutherland who will  be moderating the next HOTWASH. Aaron has presented at many EM conferences and is well versed in the complexities of the field. The IBC is the national association of private insurers that works with Canadians to manage risk and this discussion will focus on the multi-faceted and growing role of the insurance industry in flood risk and EM. All emergency management professionals and their constituents are affected by insurance and have a role to play in promoting risk awareness, facilitating preparedness (coverage), response (insurance in the EOC), and recovery (build back better). One need only look at media coverage of any large recent event to see these themes in action. Please participate to learn about the role of insurers in community resilience, and to offer your experience, suggestions, and questions.